Geo-Cleanse takes pride in designing the most efficient treatment programs possible for our clients. Our experienced staff of scientists, geologists, chemists and engineers examines the information provided for each site to determine the appropriate reagents to utilize, the contaminant mass present at the site, the volume of reagents required for treatment, and the overall treatment program design. The following steps are typically completed prior to the implementation of a treatment program:


Clients interested in using Geo-Cleanse for remediating contaminants at a particular site are first requested to fill out a site summary form. Additionally, we will request treatment area maps, soil and groundwater analytical data, and representative soil boring logs in order to evaluate the applicability of in-situ chemical remediation at the site. We will then provide our clients with a preliminary design and budgetary initial estimate. It will include an estimated calculation of contaminant mass, the reagent selected, the method at which the reagent will be applied, the total volume of reagent, the time required for the treatment, and a breakdown of the outlined cost. Typical turnaround time for an initial estimate is about one week.


If a client wants a firm design and cost for a treatment program, they typically issue Geo-Cleanse a request for proposal (RFP). In order for Geo-Cleanse to prepare a responsive proposal, the following information is requested, at a minimum:

  • General Site Info

    • Site maps (with the locations of above and underground structures)
    • Historical information
  • Soils Data (contaminated zone)

    • Lithologic descriptions
    • Boring logs
    • Past and recent analytical data
  • Groundwater Data

    • Hydraulic conductivity and porosity
    • Geochemical parameters (hardness, mineralogy, etc.)
    • Most recent analytical data

Proposals typically take between two to four weeks for completion and are reviewed by several members of the Geo-Cleanse staff.


In some cases, Geo-Cleanse can develop pay-for-performance contracts to accommodate the desire of our clientele. The costing for this type of a treatment program is designed so that the price for treatment is based on the amount of reduction achieved by Geo-Cleanse. Therefore, there is a stepped payment for percentage reductions. This type of contract is only developed for well characterized and delineated sites. Geo-Cleanse has to have a full understanding of all of the site information to accurately determine the amount of contaminant mass present to determine the appropriate amount of reagent to obtain the cleanup goals.