Geo-Cleanse Site Evaluation


Geo-Cleanse takes pride in designing the most innovative and effective treatment programs possible for our clients. Our evaluation process begins with a thorough review of conceptual site model and characterization data provided by the client. Our experienced staff will typically review site maps, boring and well construction logs, groundwater chemistry, and geologic data as part of this the evaluation. The extent of the data required depends upon the deliverable requested; ballpark cost estimates or initial site applicability reviews usually require a less extensive data set than a formal proposal. Important data gaps will be identified as part of these reviews, and additional site data (or values to be assumed) may be requested. We work closely with our clients to acquire a full understanding of the site conditions, potential challenges, and remedial goals. A conclusion of our review usually includes an assessment of the overall applicability of ISCO and the Geo-Cleanse® Process at the site, technical basis and assumptions incorporated in our assessment, recommendations on reagents and conceptual approaches, and summary costs.

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