In-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) offers an efficient and effective way to eliminate organic contaminants in both saturated and unsaturated environments. The Geo-Cleanse® Process, which patents both the methodology and injection equipment, can be utilized to distribute either catalyzed hydrogen peroxide solutions or other oxidant based reagents to the sub-surface.

A critical step in ensuring the success of an ISCO process is selecting the appropriate chemical oxidant. GCI evaluates each of the oxidant’s strengths and weaknesses as they apply to the site and its relevant conditions, then chooses the appropriate oxidant. Once an oxidant is chosen, GCI designs the site-specific treatment program for our client.

The treatment programs utilized by GCI are comprised of one or a combination of the following types:

  • Bench-Scale Treatability Studies
  • Pilot Treatment Programs
  • Full-Scale Treatment Programs, or, if requested,
  • Pay-for-Performance Treatment Programs

This section describes the types of oxidants utilized by GCI, the applicability of each type of oxidant on various contaminants and lithologies, and the various steps taken to design, implement, and complete a field treatment.