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Geo-Cleanse is committed to, and experienced with, careful health and safety reviews and the “safety culture” commonly in place with large manufacturing facilities, Department of Defense sites, and active commercial properties.  A site-specific health and safety plan (HASP) is developed for every site in compliance with the requirements set forth by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) in 29 CFR 1910.120, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. This is prepared to describe potential hazards and hazard mitigation, assign responsibilities, establish personnel protection requirements, and describe emergency procedures for activities associated with an in-situ chemicalMoving Injection Head w secondary containment remediation program. Field personnel are required to have OSHA 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operator training with current 8-hour annual refreshers and medical surveillance as required in 40 CFR 1910.120. Geo-Cleanse has a detailed apprentice program that entails classroom, independent study, and on-the-job training in the safe and proper handling of materials and the entire Geo-Cleanse® Process.  Our company continues to maintain our safety record, and has been recognized by our clients for our due diligence toward health and safety on all of our sites. If requested, Geo-Cleanse can provide our corporate safety metrics for the past years.


During the permitting process, Geo-Cleanse develops a site-specific work plan which outlines the detailed site operations that will be taking place. The work plan describes the exact procedures that will be followed by Geo-Cleanse during the treatment program. If requested, Geo-Cleanse can provide a summary of our typical work plan, if requested.


Geo-Cleanse currently maintains standard insurance coverage, including commercial general liability, workers compensation, and automobile insurance. This coverage is subject to change. A sample Certificate of Insurance is available upon request.


Each site is subject to different state and federal rules and regulations, thus permitting is typically the responsibility of the client. However, if requested, Geo-Cleanse can assist in researching or obtaining the required permits.