In-situ chemical remediation offers efficient and effective ways to eliminate organic contaminants in both saturated and unsaturated environments. Geo-Cleanse International, Inc. (Geo-Cleanse) utilizes several different reagents depending on site-specific contaminants, conditions, and remedial goals. After carefully reviewing the site information, Geo-Cleanse selects the appropriate reagent in order to provide the most effective and cost efficient remedial option.

For our remedial treatment programs, we typically select from:

Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide »

Permanganate »

Activated Sodium Persulfate »

Zero Valent Iron »

We also offer our application services for projects that have been designed for the utilization of a wide range of other reagents, substrates, amendments, surfactants and other well-known chemical and bioremediation products.

References regarding each chemical reagent are available upon request.